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last changeSun, 30 Oct 2011 23:04:43 +0000 (16:04 -0700)
2011-10-30  William R.... fix control panel redirect links master
2011-07-09  William R.... restrict title matching to the specific blog user
2011-07-09  William R.... be a bit more intelligent with adding/removing newlines...
2011-07-09  William R.... prevent a </textarea> tag in the blog text from screwin...
2010-09-09  William R.... chmod
2010-07-02  William R.... safe_eval: also remove comments and commas when stripping
2010-06-16  William R.... don't cut titles so short
2010-05-06  William R.... rm debug code
2010-05-06  William R.... utf-8 convert input
2010-01-19  wfraserensure that mysql extension is loaded
2009-09-29  William R.... reject posts that lack a 'subject' form field (it must...
2009-08-30  William R.... avoid database error on bogus imageverify params
2009-05-12  William R.... css class
2009-05-12  William R.... changelog link fix
2009-04-28  William R.... The BoHeGeHa Dark Blue skin
2009-04-28  William R.... cwb.png NOT cwb.jpg
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10 years ago release-1.0.0-BETA-r0 Tagging release release-1.0.0-BETA-r0
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10 years ago release-1.0.0-ALPHA Tagging release release-1.0.0-ALPHA
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